We are part of the NOAA RESTORE Science Program!

I am delighted to officially announce that we have won NOAA RESTORE funding to examine pattern and process in the deep-pelagic fauna of the Gulf of Mexico for the next five years! The official title of our project is Trends and drivers of faunal abundance of the offshore Gulf of Mexico: Narrowing the data gap in the Gulf’s largest ecosystem component. This project will build on the foundation of research developed through the DEEPEND project and will provide exciting opportunities to take a more applied approach to our research, and support the ability of resource managers’ to restore this fauna as part of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill natural resource damage assessment process.

The deep Gulf of Mexico is one of four hyperdiverse deep-pelagic regions of the World Ocean.

You can read more about the award and the work we're planning to do here:

RESTORE: Deep-Pelagic Fauna

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