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About the Seascape Ecology Lab

Research in the Seascape Ecology lab focusses on understanding:

  1. Spatial and temporal patterns in the distributions of mobile deep-sea animals (primarily fishes) and their underlying drivers;

  2. How behavioural choices made by deep-sea fishes and other mobile taxa build connections between different ecosystems;

  3. How deep-sea ecosystems are impacted by anthropogenic activities, and we might be able to predict and manage the effects of future change.


Within the lab, we conduct data analyses at the population and assemblage level, and make use of a variety of modern computational and statistical tools to prepare, process and analyse our data using both R software and  PRIMER / PERMANOVA (v7). Most of our current research is based on deep-pelagic datasets collected from a decade of trawl surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, though we do some work with deep-sea video and photographic data as well. Extensive datasets exist for all the student projects listed here, though additional opportunities for lab work may be available/required in some cases.


If you have any questions, would like more information, or have an idea for your own project that you think would fit the lab, please email Rosanna (Zan) Milligan at:

For a list of current projects and opportunities, click here.

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