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New projects available in my lab

It's the start of a new semester and if you're at (or coming to) NSU to study at the Oceanographic Centre this year, I have a whole set of exciting new projects available for student projects at the MS level, including the development of some pilot projects using computer-aided image analysis and deep-learning tools to better understand the biology of deep-pelagic animals from the Gulf of Mexico. All our available projects are built on existing, extensive deep-sea datasets, so they're good to go and are ready to be tackled now!

With a strong quantitative focus within the Seascape Ecology lab, no matter which project you choose to work on, you will learn how to conduct data cleaning, exploration, analysis and visualisation, all of which are highly sought-after skills in the modern workplace. In addition, we always to conduct high-quality research of a publishable standard, so projects are designed with that in mind.

You can see a full list of available projects here, but check back regularly for updates:

If you have an idea for your own project, send me an email and we can discuss options.

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